Nénu drying in the sun after her bath!

I do not believe it is necessary, or desirable, to bathe dogs on a frequent, or even regular basis; however sometimes it just seems a good idea!  After grooming Nénu had a major trim today so after blasting and brushing out all the loose hair trimmings I decided, as the sun is actually shining, to give her a bath too!! She has always disliked being groomed, but she dislikes being bathed even more! It's the same with Newfoundlands . . . they love water in the sea, a lake, or even a  puddle, but not in a bath!! I have described before, on my website, the virtues of MD-10 shampoo and I'll do so again here: it really is very good and a bonus is that it smells nice (not like some of those strong synthetic chemical, 'natural' or 'fruit scented' show shampoos . . . and I've tried a few of those in my time!) In addition Noriko Brewster, the UK agent, is a very friendly and helpful person always willing to give advice. She owns a SWD, so is particularly interested in Barbets and their owners!

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