Next week (July 19th - 21st) the CLA Game Fair will be held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. This annual event is the biggest of its kind in the world and anyone with any interest in field sports, or the countryside in general, should, in my opinion, make the effort to visit it at least once in a lifetime! (Having visited once you will be bound to want to go again!!)

We have not been invited to represent the breed in the Sporting Dog Pavilion this year . . . as Nénu is one of the very very few Barbets trained as a working gundog this seems unfortunate but as a result there seems little point in just walking her round in the heat all day.

At an event patronised largely by people with a direct interest in one or more field sports, or with a deep affinity to all things rural, the CLA Game Fair is a shop window for an audience both knowledgeable and keen to find out more about everything from fishing reels to ecological land management to working gundogs.

The Sporting Dog Pavilion is always popular with visitors who love, both to "say hello" to the varied breeds on display but, more crucially, to find out whether any particular breed would suit their particular requirements in the field. Having been on the receiving end of many detailed and perceptive questions and comments frequently at this event in past I know how keen responsible potential gundog/sporting dog/working dog owners are to acquire impartial, detailed and accurate information about both the strengths and weaknesses, indeed all aspects, of any breed they might be considering.

Although we won't be in the Sporting Dog Pavilion this year, as in the past, I am sure you would have a great time if you were to visit the CLA Game Fair. Ideally you would spend three days there but one day is better than none!!! If you manage to get there . . . have fun . . . I hope you enjoy it!

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