............. are they worth the paper they are written on?

There are breed clubs’ codes of ethics, breed clubs’ breeding codes of ethics, breeders’ own personal codes of ethics, and of course the Kennel Club Code of Ethics. Are they abided by by all those who purport to do so? Patently NOT!  Are breed club's C o E's published for all to see (for example on their website?) If they are not published, how is a prospective buyer to know whether any particular code IS being adhered to?

So . . . .  do codes of ethics have any value at all?

I believe the answer is “yes” because they present a number of criteria which any intelligent and responsible prospective puppy buyer should question in detail when approaching a breeder who declares adherence to a particular code. Proof of the accuracy of answers should be avaiable if requested.

Some examples:  

A C o E, to which a particular seller of puppies declares allegiance, might state that all prospective homes will be inspected; if the breeder makes no attempt to arrange such a visit either by her/himself or by a trusted friend with experience of the breed, then ergo any prospective buyer should doubt whether any of the criteria on the Code are being met.

Giving misleading information about the breed  

it’s character or temperament and its needs.

The amount of grooming required

 Breeding a bitch over the Code’s stated age limit.

These are just a few examples of “Do what I say, not do what I do” !!! There are others relating to health checks and the accuracy and frequency thereof.


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