Admittedly this photograph was not taken last Friday, but it IS where were training on that day: it is a BIG river and  there was a LOT more water than in the photo, flowing very fast especially in midstream! In case you don't recognise it (and I'd be amazed if you did!) it is the River Severn, the longest river in Great Britain at about 354 kms, it also has the greatest tidal range of any river in Great Britain and is the second greatest in the world (after the Bay of Fundy in Canada) Needless to say, this far up the river, there is no tidal influence! The high tidal range and the shape of the Severn's mouth have led to the phenomenon of The Severn Bore . . . really worth making a journey to see when it's a "good" one. For more information,  and details of the 2012 bores, click here . . . 
. . . although sadly there are no big bores in 2012 (not on the River Severn anyway!!)

One of the best exercises of the training session involved sitting-up Nénu about 20m from the water's edge amongst a lot of large fallen trees and vegetation previously washed down by the river when in SERIOUS flood (about three weeks ago!) The exercise involved sending her on a "go-back" with a jump over a large fallen tree, down through the willow scrub to a "blind" (thrown by someone else,) in the river, then returning the same way. She thoroughly enjoyed this and with variations we did it quite a few times. As all this took place at the end of a long trainng session even Nénu was tired by the time we stopped (I was tired a long time before that!!) As usual, I find it impossible to work a dog and take photos hence the photo of the venue and not the dog!

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